Sunday, August 23, 2009

Taste Budding

My name is Ian, and I am an Englishman living in Los Angeles. Sometime in the next month or two, my partner and I expect to become parents, and we will almost certainly need to feed our children. I was a food science major in college and am known as a foodie and a cook among my friends. I do most of the cooking at home, and don't anticipate that changing when I'm a dad. What's going to be interesting to me - and hopefully, to you too - is the process of making good, healthy, balanced food for our babies, and watching as their taste buds develop. Thus, the title of this blog: taste budding.

I've read a number of books on the subject of the nutritional requirements of children, and am intrigued by the position of certain experts such as Dr William Sears who suggest that during the first three years, you can train a palate to reject overly sugary, overly processed junk food. I don't know going into this what other challenges I'll face - allergies, pickiness, messiness, et cetera - but it promises to be an adventure.